Valentin Schuster

Drum­mer and Tea­cher


Valen­tin Schus­ter is a drum­mer from Aus­tria who some­ti­mes sings or plays a bit of synth and also likes to make silly faces while doing that. After stu­dy­ing jazz drums and instru­men­tal tea­ching at the Kunst­uni­ver­si­tät Graz (A), he moved to Ber­lin in 2011, where he has been living, prac­ti­cing music and tea­ching ever since. 

In addi­tion to pur­suing his own pro­jects like the cham­ber­punk­jazz trio Edi Nulz or the prog-metal duo Per­oPero, he has played in num­e­rous other bands, like the ele­va­tor-punk out­fit CRUTCHES, col­la­bo­ra­ted with actors like Adele Neu­hau­ser and given team buil­ding work­shops with the com­pany „Groo­vin’ Orga­niza­tion“.

Valen­tin also has been the artis­tic direc­tor of the music work­shop „Nor­dic Groo­ves“ in Aus­tria for over 10 years and since 2024 is ope­ra­tive direc­tor of the label „Boomslang Records“ and the fes­ti­val „Bezau Beatz“ tog­e­ther with mas­ter­mind Alfred Vogel.



I am curr­ently tea­ching drums as well as coa­ching a heavy metal band at the “Musik­schule Rei­ni­cken­dorf” in Ber­lin.
I also some­ti­mes give pri­vate les­sons in my cute rehear­sal space.
Any level of drum­ming skills or sub­ject to work on is wel­come! I am super curious to dive into wha­te­ver it is you want to do… 🙂

Price on request, drop me a line here.



“Ton­gue-in-cheek acro­ba­tic punk with metric ambi­va­lence coming your way to sand­blast well sett­led habits of recep­tion.”

Jan Frisch — gui­tar, bass, com­po­si­ti­ons

Olga Rez­ni­chenko — key­tar, bass synth, FX

Laure Boer — monochord, tele­phone, FX

Valen­tin Schus­ter — drums, pocket synth

Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz — MYTHOS

Dra­ma­tic and gory, at the same time laco­nic, almost cool – that’s how Antique Greek myths epi­to­mize human (and godly) weak­ne­s­ses and their fateful con­se­quen­ces. No other actress would seem more pre­desti­ned to bring them to life than the ver­sa­tile cha­rac­ter actress Adele Neu­hau­ser. And no other band is bet­ter to accom­pany her than the bor­der and genre-brea­king trio Edi Nulz.
Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess of their lite­ra­ture and music col­lage “Die letz­ten ihrer Art” (Last Chance to See), with tra­vel reports by the cult aut­hor Dou­glas Adams, “Mythos” is the highly anti­ci­pa­ted new pro­gramme from the star actress with her three con­ge­nial musi­ci­ans. The text is based on the epony­mous best­sel­ler by Bri­tish come­dian and mas­ter sto­rytel­ler Ste­phen Fry.
In “Mythos” Adele Neu­hau­ser also revi­sits her bio­gra­phi­cal roots: Born in Athens, she spent the early years of her life tog­e­ther with her Greek father. What’s more, there is a second family con­nec­tion in “Mythos”, which has repea­tedly pro­ven its excel­lence: Adele Neuhauser’s son Julian Adam Pajzs bestows the “cham­ber punk jazz” sound of Edi Nulz on gui­tars.

Edi Nulz

“Mangy cham­ber punk jazz”

What seems to be pure anar­chy is in fact carefully cho­reo­gra­phed music that con­stantly pulls the rug from under you: the bass cla­ri­net can be any­thing from a bass instru­ment to a solo sin­ger, the gui­tar takes the rhythm but also the bass or solo parts, while the drums deftly link all these ele­ments.
This is devil-may-care music, a hila­rious tigh­trope walk bet­ween insa­nity and pre­cis­ion. 
Edi Nulz: Grand audio drama, baby.

Sieg­mar Bre­cher – bass cla­ri­net
Julian Adam Pajzs – gui­tar
Valen­tin Schus­ter – drums

The True Harry Nulz

Just ima­gine one of Switzerland’s finest jazz bands mer­ging with its Aus­trian coun­ter­part: the result would be a first-class tran­sal­pine music event with front-row seats for ever­yone in the audi­to­rium.

But wait a moment: Why “would be“? This con­glo­me­rate alre­ady exists, and it’s well on the way to gai­ning cult sta­tus. The Swiss quar­tet “The Great Harry Hill­man” plus the Aus­trian trio “Edi Nulz” add up to the sep­tet “The True Harry Nulz”: two bass cla­ri­nets, two gui­tars, two drum­sets and an elec­tric bass gua­ran­tee brainy arran­ge­ments, uni­sono ste­reo effects and impro­vi­sa­tio­nal erup­ti­ons (or rather dis­rup­ti­ons?)…

Aus­tro-Hel­ve­tian power at its finest! “Ser­vus pfiat di“ and “Ade messi“!

Sieg­mar Bre­cher (bcl), Nils Fischer (bcl), Julian Adam Pajzs (g), David Koch (g), Samuel Huwy­ler (eb), Valen­tin Schus­ter (dr), Domi­nik Mah­nig (dr)


Per­oPero is a pro­gres­sive-metal duo hai­ling from Aus­tria and based in Ber­lin.
Their com­plex songs com­bine dri­ving drums and gor­dian gui­tar play­ing with savage ana­lo­gue syn­the­si­zers all sup­port­ing an explo­sive mix­ture of chants and screams about con­spi­ra­cies and doomsday sce­na­rios.
All com­ple­tely serious and not at all iro­nic — or is that fake news? The only way to find out is to lis­ten to their records and hear for yours­elf.
In any case, bring your tin­foil hats!
All hail Grog­nar, galac­tic over­lord!!!

Julian Adam Pajzs – gui­tar, lead vocals, synth pro­gramming
Valen­tin Schus­ter – drums, back­ing vocals

Boomslang Records/Bezau Beatz

“A wild and wooly musi­cal plunge into the unu­sual” (NYC Jazz Record)

Since 2024 I have been hel­ping out mas­ter­mind Alfred Vogel with his label “Boomslang Records” and the yearly sum­mer fes­ti­val “Bezau Beatz” — check it out!


Groovin’ Organization

Com­pany Coa­ching through Music

We help orga­niza­ti­ons to become more natu­rally agile, pro­duc­tive and reso­nant 
– with music as a meta­phor, model and trans­for­ma­tive power, other crea­tive methods and up-to-date con­sul­ting know-how.

Nordic Grooves Musikworkshop

Since 2011 I am the artis­tic direc­tor of the work­shop „Nor­dic Groo­ves“ in Lower Aus­tria. I also teach ensem­ble clas­ses and drums there.
„Nor­dic Groo­ves“ is ideal for all those that want to rock hard, sing their favou­rite pop tune or get the blues. Funky riffs and swin­ging jazz-stan­dards are also on the menu – as long as it is fun and it groo­ves!

Valentin Schuster

Drum­mer and Tea­cher


02.07.24   CRUTCHES, Süd­ti­rol Jazz­fes­ti­val (I)

13.07.24   Trio Mar­mo­lata, Musik­fo­rum Viktring (A)

27.07.24   Rai­nald Grebe, Burg Herz­berg Fes­ti­val (D)

29.07.24   Rai­nald Grebe, Zelt Musik­fes­ti­val Frei­burg (D)

08.–11.08.24 co-direc­ting Bezau Beatz, Bezau (A)

12.09.24   Groo­vin’ Orga­niza­tion, Buo­nas (CH)

13.–15.09.24 EJN mee­ting, Ghent (BEL)

10.10.24   Rai­nald Grebe, Tipi Ber­lin (D)

18.10.24   CRUTCHES, Jazz & the City Salz­burg (A)

02.11.24   Edi Nulz, Halle424 Ham­burg (D)

03.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

07.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

08.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

13.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

14.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

21.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

26.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

30.12.24   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

12.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

19.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

26.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

28.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

30.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

31.01.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

01.02.25   Adele Neu­hau­ser & Edi Nulz, Stadt­thea­ter Weil­heim (D)

02.02.25   Adele Neu­hau­ser & Edi Nulz, Stadt­thea­ter Min­den (D)

03.02.25   Adele Neu­hau­ser & Edi Nulz, Comoe­die Dres­den (D)

08.02.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

09.02.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

14.02.25   Body Work, Neu­köll­ner Oper Ber­lin (D)

15.02.25   Adele Neu­hau­ser & Edi Nulz, Künst­ler­haus Mün­chen (D)

16.02.25   Adele Neu­hau­ser & Edi Nulz, Künst­ler­haus Mün­chen, Mati­nee

20.02.25   CRUTCHES, Welt­echo Chem­nitz (D)

21.02.25   CRUTCHES, Sax­stall Pohrs­dorf (D)

22.02.25   CRUTCHES, TBA Ber­lin (D)






The True Harry Nulz


Edi Nulz

Meganan (2021)

Edi Nulz

El Perro Grande (2018)

Edi Nulz

An der vul­gä­ren Kante (2016)

Edi Nulz

Ultra­karl (2013)

Edi Nulz

Jetzt (2012)


Mas­sive Tales of Doom (2023)


Lizards (2017)


Milk (2015)

Skin Ban

Rhyth­mi­sche Neu­men (2012)

Skin Ban

Eine Suite in 4 Tei­len (2011)

Skin Ban

gehen ein­kau­fen (2010)


Hel­les­pont (2015)


Live @ Jazz­werk­statt Graz (2011)


All PDFs are free to down­load — howe­ver, I would app­re­ciate dona­ti­ons of around 1€-5€ per down­load. Thanks!