Valentin Schuster

Drummer and Teacher


“There was always music at home“

Being born into a musical family in Lower Austria in 1986, I was already  exposed to a broad range of music from an early age. After a few years of piano lessons I picked up the drums when I was 12 and then spent a large part of my teenage years on the drum stool playing for various local bands.

After one year with the Lower Austrian army band (and adding some march drumming to my repertoire) I studied for six years with Howard Curtis and Wolfgang Tozzi at the „Kunstuniversität Graz“, Austria.

I moved to Berlin in 2011 after getting my degrees in jazz drums and instrumental pedagogics. Currently I teach at the „Neue Musikschule Bernau“ and – apart from some side projects – I am working with my main bands Edi Nulz and PeroPero.



Since 2012 I have been teaching drums and percussion at the „Neue Musikschule Bernau“.
I also give private lessons via Zoom/Skype/etc. or – if you live in or around Berlin – I can also come to your place or you come by my jam-packed rehearsal space.
Beginners are as welcome as intermediates and also professional drummers who want to work with me on a specific thing.
Among other subjects my teaching strengths are: hand/foot technique, sightreading, timing/what is this thing called „Groove“???, improvisation, polyrhythms/polymeters, stylistic analysis, etc…

Price on request, drop me a line here.


Edi Nulz

„Mangy chamber punk jazz“

What seems to be pure anarchy is in fact carefully choreographed music that constantly pulls the rug from under you: the bass clarinet can be anything from a bass instrument to a solo singer, the guitar takes the rhythm but also the bass or solo parts, while the drums deftly link all these elements.
This is devil-may-care music, a hilarious tightrope walk between insanity and precision. 
Edi Nulz: Grand audio drama, baby.

Siegmar Brecher – bass clarinet
Julian Adam Pajzs – guitar
Valentin Schuster – drums

Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz - MYTHOS

Dramatic and gory, at the same time laconic, almost cool – that’s how Antique Greek myths epitomize human (and godly) weaknesses and their fateful consequences. No other actress would seem more predestined to bring them to life than the versatile character actress Adele Neuhauser. And no other band is better to accompany her than the border and genre-breaking trio Edi Nulz.
Following the success of their literature and music collage “Die letzten ihrer Art” (Last Chance to See), with travel reports by the cult author Douglas Adams, “Mythos” is the highly anticipated new programme from the star actress with her three congenial musicians. The text is based on the eponymous bestseller by British comedian and master storyteller Stephen Fry.
In “Mythos” Adele Neuhauser also revisits her biographical roots: Born in Athens, she spent the early years of her life together with her Greek father. What’s more, there is a second family connection in “Mythos”, which has repeatedly proven its excellence: Adele Neuhauser’s son Julian Adam Pajzs bestows the “chamber punk jazz” sound of Edi Nulz on guitars.


PeroPero is a progressive-metal duo hailing from Austria and based in Berlin.
Their complex songs combine driving drums and gordian guitar playing with savage analogue synthesizers all supporting an explosive mixture of chants and screams about conspiracies and doomsday scenarios.
All completely serious and not at all ironic – or is that fake news? The only way to find out is to listen to their records and hear for yourself.
In any case, bring your tinfoil hats!
All hail Grognar, galactic overlord!!!

Julian Adam Pajzs – guitar, lead vocals, synth programming
Valentin Schuster – drums, backing vocals

The True Harry Nulz

Just imagine one of Switzerland’s finest jazz bands merging with its Austrian counterpart: the result would be a first-class transalpine music event with front-row seats for everyone in the auditorium.

But wait a moment: Why “would be“? This conglomerate already exists, and it’s well on the way to gaining cult status. The Swiss quartet „The Great Harry Hillman“ plus the Austrian trio „Edi Nulz“ add up to the septet „The True Harry Nulz“: two bass clarinets, two guitars, two drumsets and an electric bass guarantee brainy arrangements, unisono stereo effects and improvisational eruptions (or rather disruptions?)…

Austro-Helvetian power at its finest! “Servus pfiat di“ and “Ade messi“!

Siegmar Brecher (bcl), Nils Fischer (bcl), Julian Adam Pajzs (g), David Koch (g), Samuel Huwyler (eb), Valentin Schuster (dr), Dominik Mahnig (dr)

Groovin' Organization

Company Coaching through Music

We help organizations to become more naturally agile, productive and resonant 
– with music as a metaphor, model and transformative power, other creative methods and up-to-date consulting know-how.

Nordic Grooves Musikworkshop

Since 2011 I am the artistic director of the workshop „Nordic Grooves“ in Lower Austria. I also teach ensemble classes and drums there.
„Nordic Grooves“ is ideal for all those that want to rock hard, sing their favourite pop tune or get the blues. Funky riffs and swinging jazz-standards are also on the menu – as long as it is fun and it grooves!

Valentin Schuster

Drummer and Teacher


02.06.23  Wanderung/Gartenkonzert Trio Marmolata, Wien (A)

03.06.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Gestüt Piber Köflach (A)

03.07.23-05.07.23 Hüttenkonzerte Trio Marmolata, Jazzfestival Südtirol (I)

07.07.23. Edi Nulz, Jazzfestival Südtirol (I)

07.07.23. Edi Nulz, Bohemia Jazz Fest Prag (CZ)

04.08.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Grasgrün Festival Meiningen (D)

05.08.23. Edi Nulz, Outreach Festival, Schwaz (A)

10.08.23  The True Harry Nulz, Bezau Beatz (A)

07.09.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Wirtschaft Dornbirn (A)

08.09.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Most + Jazz Fehring (A)

09.09.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Bachschmiede Wals (A)

10.09.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Jazz in the Black Forest, Villingen (D)

06.10.23  Edi Nulz, TBA Pori (FIN)

07.10.23  Edi Nulz, Club Voodoo Helsinki (FIN)

12.10.23  The True Harry Nulz, Neubad Luzern (CH)

13.10.23  The True Harry Nulz, BeJazz Bern (CH)

04.11.23  PeroPero, Freaques de la Musique, Güterbahnhof Bremen (D)

09.11.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Bad Homburg (D)

10.11.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Coesfeld (D)

11.11.23  Adele Neuhauser + Edi Nulz, Weltecho Chemnitz (D)

22.11.23  The True Harry Nulz, Cavete Marburg (D)

24.11.23  The True Harry Nulz, Tonne Dresden (D)

25.11.23  The True Harry Nulz, Saxstall Pohrsdorf (D)

02.12.23  Edi Nulz, Frank Zappa Festival, Lochwitz (D)








Edi Nulz

Meganan (2021)

Edi Nulz

El Perro Grande (2018)

Edi Nulz

An der vulgären Kante (2016)

Edi Nulz

Ultrakarl (2013)

Edi Nulz

Jetzt (2012)


Massive Tales of Doom (2023)


Lizards (2017)


Milk (2015)

Skin Ban

Rhythmische Neumen (2012)

Skin Ban

Eine Suite in 4 Teilen (2011)

Skin Ban

gehen einkaufen (2010)


Hellespont (2015)


Live @ Jazzwerkstatt Graz (2011)


All PDFs are free to download – however, I would appreciate donations of around 1€-5€ per download. Thanks!